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Non - Destructive Testing

Non - Destructive Testing Service

A2ZC offers Non- destructive testing with a high technology that can evaluate components of material, equipments and facilities we add value to the pressure equipment and structural industry to ensure best practice testing solutions to insure quality assurance during new fabrications, in-service inspections, repairs and modifications.

We are committed to ensure customer satisfaction through innovative and quality solutions that prioritizes improving safety, productivity and uptime in any project. We offer experienced and cost effective professional guidance and provide quality independent and confidential services.


  • Magnetic Particle Testing

    Magnetic particle testing is an economical means of defecting surface and slightly subsurface defects in all-ferromagnetic materials. MT can find extremely small defectssuch as cracks, weld seams and laminations that could cause component failure. This method is ideal for rapid maintenance testing or critical equipment such as cranes, crane hooks, forklifts and other lifting devices.

  • Liquid PenetrantTesting

    Liquid Penetrant testing utilizing fluorescent and visible methods is used to locate surface defects on any nonferrous surface. PT is sensitive to very small defects including cracks, seams, pits and other defects open to the surface. PT do not require any power source and highly portable and efficient method. It is generally used where MPT can not be applied i.e. where material is non-ferrous.

  • UltrasonicTesting

    Ultrasonic Testing is an efficient, accurate way to detect surface and internal flaws in critical components and corrosion mapping(Thickness measurement). We perform a variety of contact UT techniques, including longitudinal wave for thickness measurements, shear wave for weld inspection and surface wave methods. Its typical application is a task of material integrity approval,e.g.manufactured semi-products (sheet, forging or casting) or welds.

  • Visual Testing

    Visual Testing is relatively easy and low in demands. The equipment is used for inspection of just direct and close in accessible areas, such as tanks, tubes and vessels. Its benefit is a transparency and understandable reported information. We can measure dimensions. Data storage is simple via photo. VT can be applied everywhere, including object with elevated temperature. Potential users are weld workshop and assembly work places.

  • Radiographic Testing & Film Interpretation

    A2ZC supplies a complete line of radiographic services for both shop and field applications. inspection of a wide variety of material types with varying density, ability to inspect assembled components, minimum surface preparation required, sensitivity to changes in thickness corrosion, voids, cracks and material density changes, the ability to detect both surface and subsurface defects and the ability to provide a permanent record of the inspection.

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